Cider Makers Notes: The Perfect 10

Our newest year-round cider is a heavy hitting 10% imperial hard cider named “The Perfect 10.” A departure from our standard ciders, this dangerously delicious cider was a fun creation by our cider maker team.

Here’s what head cider maker Deron has to say about the cider…


Portland Cider Co.’s The Perfect 10 is a blend of 100 percent Northwest apples, fermented cold and slow to preserve fresh apple flavors and aromas. The cider makers allow the cider to rest for more than two months to further develop the rich flavors. The cider is then sweetened with a touch of juice and balanced with a little acidity to round out the higher tannin profile.

Our goal was to make a cider that was easy to drink, but still had some of the subtle complexities you can find in our popular Taproom Scrumpy. We’re really happy with the final product and are excited to experiment with future variations of The Perfect 10. Keep your eyes peeled for something fun and barrel-aged coming to our annual Wassail this December!