We love getting creative and can't help ourselves, so we make lots of killer one-off ciders throughout the year. Available until they run out, only at our two Taprooms in the Portland Metro area.


Oregon Wild 5.3% ABV

The final product of our first ever PDX Apple Collection, made entirely of Portland backyard apples. 100% cider sales net proceeds are donated to Oregon Wild. A classic, easy drinking cider everyone can enjoy.

Available exclusively at Portland Cider House (Hawthorne).


The celtic goddess of unity, craft, and new growth. Said to have kept an apple orchard in the otherworld, Brigid has inspired us to create a drink that brings beer and cider lovers together.

A poetic blend of fresh apple and old country hops give way to a lightly sweet rye finish. We hope this cider pleases Brigid, her powerful father Dagda, and you!

Available exclusively at both Portland Cider Co. taprooms.


Berry Dry 8.5% ABV

Crafted to mimic a Strong Sour beer, our Berry Dry is loaded with fruity flavors and aromas, but stays true to its name with a dry and tart nature. Aged for over 6 months, Berry Dry is a combination of separately fermented Oregon boysenberry & peach fruit infused cider, aged together to make a delicious and unique blend of flavors.

Available exclusively at Portland Cider House (Hawthorne).


London dry Gin 6.8% ABV

Crisp, dry cider, lightly carbonated, notes of Juniper berries and citrus. It was fermented and aged on juniper berries and left completely dry to emulate the mouth feel and flavor of a traditional London dry gin.

Available exclusively at both Portland Cider Co. taprooms.