We love getting creative and can't help ourselves, so we make lots of killer one-off ciders throughout the year. Available until they run out, only at our two Taprooms in the Portland Metro area.



Fermented with plums & honey, this taproom exclusive Scrumpy is fruity & light, but with depth and character from barrel-aging in Charred Oak barrels.

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Sugar Plum Fairy 6% ABV

Make your mouth dance with this delightful blend of plum & honey. The rich floral depth of the honey will take you on a journey to the land of sweets while the gentle tart plum balances the refreshing experience leaving you wanting more. A new winter favorite that is guaranteed to satisfy your holiday cravings.

English Pub  7.5% abv

A play on the heritage of Portland Cider, this cider was crafted to represent the owners Jeff & Lynda. Aged for 6 months, this medium sweet cider is a blend of 30+ heirloom varietal traditional cider apples from Yamhill county blended with our classic NW apple cider base. The perfect marriage of English tradition and NW apples to create a stunning masterpiece.

Fruit & Spice  7.2% abv

We aged Marionberry Rhubarb cider on black currant, oak chips, and loads of spent gin botanicals from Townshend’s Distillery. The result is a complex, dark fruit-forward cider with depth and a touch of black licorice on the palate.

Still Nitro Taps


Our base, bone-dry cider made with 100% Northwest apples, aged in Bourbon barrels from local distillery Indio Spirits. Boozy, bourbon deliciousness in a glass! A throwback taproom favorite from our Oregon City taproom.