Year Round Ciders

There are ciders that you just can't live without, so we have these flagship favorites available to you any day of the year.

Kinda Dry 6.9% ABV

Blended in the spirit of traditional English cider. Light, clean, refreshing, with a pleasant finish. The kind of cider you can drink all day long!

Available in 19.2oz cans, 22oz bottles, 12oz 6-pack bottles & draft kegs.

Sangria 5.8% ABV

Blend our delicious cider with the juices of orange, strawberry, pear, passionfruit, elderberry, and lime, to get our Sangria cider. It’s your new favorite fruit punch, for grown-ups!

Available in 19.2oz cans, 12oz 6-pack cans, 22oz bottles & draft kegs.


Concord Grape is a deliciously tart blend of 100% NW apple cider and fresh pressed Concord Grapes.

Available in 19.2oz cans & draft kegs.

Perfect 10 10% ABV

Crafted in the style of a traditional English Scrumpy or Imperial Cider, with a clean Northwest finish. It’s a blend of 100% NW apples, fermented cold and slow to preserve fresh apple flavors and aromas.

Available in 500ml bottles & draft kegs.

Sorta Sweet 4.9% ABV

Blended like traditional American style cider, with higher residual sugars and more tartness. Absolutely delicious & dangerously easy to drink!

Available in 19.2oz cans, 22oz bottles, 12oz 6-pack bottles & draft kegs. 

Hop 'Rageous 6.8% ABV

An outrageously refreshing off-dry hopped cider, full of citrus flavors that can only be described as Hop’rageous!  

Available in 19.2oz cans, 12oz 6-pack cans & draft kegs.

Apple 5.5% ABV

An authentic medium-dry cider classic, bursting with juicy crisp apple taste.

Available in 12oz 6-pack cans & draft kegs.

Pearfect Perry 5.5% ABV

Made from nothing but a blend of Bartlett and D’Anjou pear juice. This light perry is medium sweet and bursting with pear notes.

Available in 22oz bottles & draft kegs.